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April 12, 2015


I would like to start another post with "Oh, how gorgeous is that?", but that would be quite repetetive and I believe you can see the beauty yourself. This spring is albout contouring, right. Contour, contour, contour, I hear everywhere, Youtube videos focused on contouring (Tati here, Pixiwoo here), Sephora's website dedicated to best contouring bits the market can offer. Choose yours!

My face is not perfect, bit round and bit big. Yet this does not make me a big fan of contouring. My contouring skills are very poor, bad lightning and unprofessional tools result in me looking like I was slapped, long time ago. Blending, blending, it's all about blending the edges away , they say. Ain't noboy got time for this. I am not Kim K, I am not furiously contouring every morning before leaving to work. But the odd days, that's a different story. Now and then there comes a day (or night) when I want to look my best, with beautifly sculpted cheekbones and thinner, oval face. 

I have been using the Sleek Conotur Kit. This used to do the job quite well, yet I was longing for something more professional. Like menioned above, this spring is like made for contouring, just choose your favorite. I am not really on the creamy side, so I definitely wabted something bit more powdery. Could not decide between Anastasia and Kevyn Aucoin (also amazing and beautiful conoturing palette). After considering all pros and cons, I opted for Anastasia as the colors seemed more versatile, multifunctional and the reviews were great. Also, Kevyn Aucoin is slightly more pricey.


In my pre-last post I talked about eye shadow palette In the night that is perfect for creating smokey eyes and drama look when going out on Friday night. After that I realised that somewhere hidden in my beauty storage I have one of my all-time favorite perfumes - one I used to use only when going out for a party: Jasmin Noir by Bvlgari. 

Smelling this perfume after quite long time, I realised how much of memories, feelings and sentiment is hidden in this scent. I used to use this one when clubbing while at UNI. Memories, ach. I can't wear it now. Lots of things have changed and I changed, I am not party girl anymore and I am done with studying, Yet I still keep this perfume, hidden, of course and occasionally smell to bring back those sleepless nights, tasty coctails, midnight kisses and random sleepovers. 

What attracted me once to this scent is probably was the sensual and mysterious tone. It's a woody perfume (I love woody fragrances!) with floral notes, but the main scent is, of course, jasmine. Jasmine makes the whole experience tantalizing, addictive and that's why I was so madly in love with this perfume. Now, when thinking about it, I might try to come back, just for the old good times. Maybe not. But still, it's a gorgeous fregrance, seductive, sophisticated and sensual. And sexy. 


I am a big lover of nude nails. Nude nails are my all time favorite - even my nail polish collections should be called 50 Shades of Nude, because when I see a nude nail varnish - I just have to have it. 
Last week I saw this gorgeous Essie Nude Duo. It was sold out in my local Boots all the time, so when I finally saw it's back at stock I just grabbed it. And I am so h-a-p-p-y about it. I know spring is coming, we all should cover our nails in cute pastel color coats, but for me this timne has not arriced yet. Ireland has been a bit rainy and coldish and no, I am not in the spring mood yet.

Essie In The Mood For Nude:

ballet slipper - very light, almost like white-ish shade with slightly pink hue in it. Very thin, so few layers needed. Looks bit cold on the pics (apologies). In real it's very light baby pink/white.

spin the bottle - very nude shade, almost skin-like. On nails, the color has slightly peachy undertones. It's gorgeous, very classic nude shade. Swoon.