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December 30, 2014


I have moved so many times in my life, maybe like 10 times already? You would say I am bit unstable, maybe I am. The more I am looking forward to finally have our own little apartment. Living with someone has its charm, especially when you are 18, finally moving from your parents’ house living the big University life. Well, graduating Uni and finding my perfect boyfriend, it started to feel like we should be looking for something we could share with each other and not anyone else. Living in London was perfect, fun and crazy, but thinking about settling down, we have decided to come back over to Dublin where my boyfriend comes from. So soon, I will be another Dubliner and soon we will have our own little place I can change into little cozy and sweet home. Can´t wait! 

Moving is a hard work. Packing all, and wrapping all the stuff carefully. Scheduling deliveries and pick-ups and drop offs and everything around it, trains, flights, viewings, contracts, it gets messy sometimes and very often I feel like I just don´t want to do it (especially around Christmas time!), but I hope the result will be worth it: dream come true, little home, my own one. With all this sufferings, there comes the positive side of it all: decorating. Argos catalogue. Ikea shopping. Ikea shopping again. Zara Home. Candles. New lounge clothes. Ach. 

Starting brand new, I am just thinking about what I would like our new home to look like, I have few ideas,  thoughts and wishes  I want to share with you.

source: Pinterest
source: Pinterest
source: Pinterest
source: Pinterest


I just have a huge crush on color, if that is possible. It started with a birthday present I got from my boyfriend: rose gold watch. This watch has been on my wishlist for some time and having my 25th birthday in December (getting older here!) I finally got them. Then I just bought new earrings in matching color: rose gold/ champagne pink pearls. I found these in H&M, this set I picked contains 4 pairs of pearls in different sizes, perfect.

Another present for my birthday was Swarovski Miss Aura, amazing perfume! I instantly fell in love. The smell is so unusual and so unique, but so easy to wear at the same time. It is mostly floral perfume, with hint of rose and patchuli. The packaging is stunning too. At the top of the bottle, there is this big crystal and again, the color is such a nice rose gold /champagne pink color, elegant yet girlish. Miss Aurora is sold in Sephora.

Looking at my presents, I realized I had two beautiful pinkish nail polishes, perfect to match the goodies mentioned above. I haven’t used them in months, maybe years. And I realized I forgot how absolutely stunning they look. I don’t really fancy shimmering shades, but these are just gorgeous, good for this festive season. One of them is Rimmel Ethereal 801, a shimmering very light pink shade. The other one is Gabrielle Salvate in shade 157, very similar but little bit more pearl and pinkish shade.


If there is one hair mask you should definitely have, it is Moroccanoil Restorative Mask. All the myths were true, this is really something. Longing to try this mask for some time now, I felt like buying the (let´s admit it) bigger pricey pot in the times of moving apartments and cities would not be very economical; I opted for the travelling version. The 250ml pot is usually for something around £32,  this 75ml tube was for around £9 and lasted me 3-4 applications (depending on length of hair). 

I will not go into too many details as I know Moroccanoil has been around for some time and many of you know about this brand, the miraculous hair oil and about this magical treatment, But I still want to mention this mask as for me it´s a new thing and definitely worth the mentioning. And definitely worth the hype! The magic trick here is the protein that does most of the job. You can find protein naturally in your hair. When using colorants and styling tools like straighteners or wands, the hair gets damaged and it lacks the main thing: protein. So then this brilliant product full of proteins comes to help restore your poor hair. 

Smells absolutely incredible. I mean, the smell is so gorgeous you just want to leave this on your hair forever. The directions say to apply generous amount into your strands and leave for 7-10 minutes. This treatment for me is a real treat, so I leave at least for an hour to make the best of it. And followed by conditioner. The smell usually stays in my hair for a day or two more (yay!). You can see the change in your hair already when rinsing your hair. It feels smooth, strong and sleek. The quality is instantly better, hair is shinier and the split ends are gone. Brilliant mask.

December 18, 2014


Spending hours and hours browsing the Pinterest I realised one thing - how much I want a white blazer/ suit jacket. I saw dozens of pictures of stunning outfits where the main IT piece is a perfect white suit jacket making an absolute fashion perfection and I just think this is a thing every young girl/ lady should have in her wardrobe.The greatest thing about this jacket is its versatile. You can mix it with anything in your closet and yet create the most unique outfit. You can dress up your ripped jeans. Or dress down your black jumpsuit. You can wear it with casual t-shirt or with fancy top. You can pick any colors you want and still look bit posh and fancy. That's another great thing about this - you will always look a bit glamorous, bit posh, bit fancy, but not too much. Just to make you feel bit special. And I say yes to it!

Hunting for the perfect one I made my way to H&M and there I found it. Not expensive at all, not ordinary at all, beautiful and exceptional. 

What I really love about it is this leather stripe and zipper on each side. They make the whole piece very exceptional and rare. 

Below you can see my favorite outfits I found on Pinterest:

1.White blazer + grey tee + black jeans. This combo is so cool and so easy to wear. Simple, but still very chic. Golden accesories (belt, watch) and sunglasses to make the look complete. Layered medium length hair. Massive envy.  

2. White blazer + blue ripped jeans + bright color. So casual. Dress down for a lunch with friend or just coffee after shopping. Don't go overboard with accesories as this outfit makes a real statement. Heels are a must!

3. White blazer + black jumpsuit / black dress.Things are bit more serious here. Perfect for some evening occasion, maybe drinks on friday night or a date. The combination of white and black is so chic and sophisticated.

source of pictures:Pinterest.com

December 16, 2014


Sometimes I just feel like I can't be bothered with the whole 'perfect base' action. Sometimes it's  just too much effort. And sometimes I am just super lazy. Or ill. Or hangover. Or I slept in. Or I have a good skin day. In cases like these, I for just don't want to apply foundation, because let' s admit it, it can take ages to create the perfect canvas and it can be one hell of the work. But still, I want to look good, I want my skin to be radiant, glowing and healthy looking. Not the pale white ghost face I wake up to. With my massive under-eye circles.

Let's meet our two little helpers. One is by Garnier, the other one is by L'Oreal. The common thing these guys share is that they have something to do with all this anti-aging and revitalising magic I don' t need yet.
I have never properly understood all the madness around BB creams, CC creams, DD creams and 123 creams. For me it's unecesary complicated and not what I am looking for. I need a cream that I could apply and spread with my fingers in like 15 seconds. I dont want it to look cakey, thick, layered, too dark, too plastic or oily. I want to look natural, effortless, yet bit more perfect then my 'zombie morning'. 
These two buddies can do the job. Garnier Miracle Skin Cream is a white sparkly looking cream you can apply instead of your moisturizer or on top of it. After spreading, it turns intro natural color and gives you very nice, healthy and glowing complexion with some light coverage. Smeels delish, very fruity. Sometimes, to look bit more flawless, I dust little bit of pressed powder on top of it just to smooth things up a bit. L'Oreal Revitalift 10 is probably something more fore mature skin, but I use it anyway. This is supposed to be a replacement for your ordinary day cream, when you need to pop a bit of color in to your complexion. Again, smells fresh and fruity (I know it does not matter that much, but still, you don't want to spread over your face some socks stinky mud, am I right?). I use this one when little bit more coverage is needed. Revitalift can be found in three shades" light, medium and dark. On the pictures below you can see 'medium' shade, which is (as usual) very dark. Garnier cream is sold in one color that will match your skin color. 

What is your favorite BB, CC, DD or just any tinted moisturiser?